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Jenny • lateteen • I ♥ boys

Loves ›› summer, mascara, my hair, castiel, 'huntress' by lj smith, shopping,
boyss, natalia vodianova, weheartit.com, fashion, abercrombie and fitch, victoria's secret,
charlie and claire, sawyer, action movies, my summer playlist, donuts, big sunglasses,
bromance, pancakes, losing weight, fairytales, 90210 promos, watching baseball, lie-ins,
chris pine as a redneck neo-nazi in skinny jeans and army boots in Smokin' Aces,
white dresses, cold pizza, disney movies, the Casper soundtrack, burgers, tea, apples,
my ipod touch, horror movies, chocolate brownies/milkshakes, cartoons, disneyland,
the cinema, jerry springer, the disney store, jj abrams creations, dolce and gabbana, sketching,
pirates of the carribbean, road trips, pretty, lost, glee covers, serenity,

and junk))

• tv shows
lost, the hills, 8 simple rules, desperate housewives, supernatural, charmed, 
the walking dead, undeclared, sons of anarchy, csi: miami, glee, true blood,
primeval, dirty sexy money, gossip girl, family guy, the big bang theory,

• movies
the breakfast club, lethal weapons, predators, sleepers, terminator: salvation,
pandorum, mean girls, the boondock saints, grease 2, shrooms, resident evils, hook,
cutthroat island, muppet treasure island, tom and huck, toy story, any disney,
sherlock holmes, star trek '09, avatar, smokin' aces, underworlds, die hards,
pirates of the carribbean,

• music
taylor swift, the pretty reckless, leona lewis, lenny kravitz, black eyed peas, britney,
the pussycat dolls, voe, rihanna, alicia keys, mandy moore, pixie lott, miley cyrus,
ke$ha, david guetta, stacie orrico, the yeah yeah yeahs, moby, son of dork, mcfly, lady gaga,
pluto, e-type, sting, bon jovi, journey, soundtracks, katy rose, the beach boys, meatloaf,